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No1 Peebles Road Coffee House

Craig and Emma would like to welcome you to No1 Peebles Road Coffee House in Innerleithen. We have created a “special little space” for Coffee Lovers and Foodies. Our aims are simple :- to provide top quality coffee, food and home baking. We support other local businesses when sourcing our products, so every pound you spend at No1 supports other people in the area.

We welcome parties of any size. From the individual looking for a quick coffee while visiting Innerleithen, to large walking groups and cyclists passing through our beautiful town, looking to sit down and relax a while. You’ll always find a friendly and relaxing atmosphere in No1 Peebles Road.

Make your Day Smarter With Coffee!

We set out to give our customers the best coffee we could find. That’s what we’ve done. As with most skills, the quality of the finished product is all about the knowledge. It is how the combination of the ingredients and our skills come together to create a great cup of coffee.

Great Coffee, Great Food, Good Vibes Only!

From the moment you walk in to No1 Peebles Road, you’ll sense there’s something special about the our coffee house. There’s a unique atmosphere going on that is second to no other coffee house in the borders.

Complemented by the rich aroma of freshly ground coffee beans and the sensational smell of our homemade culinary delights being prepared in the background, you’re sure to be feel relaxed by the ambience and good vibes present all around you.

We truly believe in giving our customers the best in coffee and food, but just as importantly, we believe in offering you ideal surroundings where you can relax and enjoy it to the max.

Don’t just take our word for it. Next time you’re in town, pop in and experience for yourself. You’ll not be disappointed. That’s our guarantee!

Occasions & Parties

Occasions & Parties

Celebrate your Birthdays and Special Occasions. At No1 Peebles Road, we add that happy atmosphere to any occasion.

Occasions & Parties

Group Bookings

Fancy a break from wandering the hills or cycling through the borders? Come in and relax a while with your friends.

Food & Drink

Food & Drink

Our menu offers everyone a varied choice of food and drink. We also have a selection of Vegan options available.

Dog Friendly

Dog Friendly

If you’re out dog walking, that’s no problem. All dogs are welcome as long as they are accompanied by a well-behaved owner.

More Than Your Average Coffee House

Here at No1 Peebles Road we’re passionate about the coffees and foods we serve. We like our regular customers and visitors to Innerleithen to experience a truly unique atmosphere, when they come into our coffee house. From the minute they arrive until the moment they leave, customers of all ages tell us there’s something special about the atmosphere they enjoy.

Our customers include walking groups and cycling parties from all over Scotland and England out for sightseeing tour of the Scottish Borders. No1 Peebles Road is the ideal starting point to any day as well as being an ideal final destination to relax and mull over things with your friends, while enjoying a cup of freshly ground coffee and a homemade tart.